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Ubuntu Futures
Sustainable Eco-Culture Centre


Ubuntu Futures is a sustainable eco-culture centre based in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. The project is a crossover between agriculture and the arts. It will include a creative hub and a learning facility driven by innovation and respect for nature. 


Team Shingai have dedicated and self funded 3 years of research and identified a rural community, near Harare, with fertile land in abundance. The raw talent is astonishing with music, dance, storytelling, art & crafts - a way of life.


We are aiming to launch the first phase of Ubuntu Futures in spring 2023.

Analysing the land

Team Shingai is connecting local creatives with agri specialists

to identify the best crops that will work with the biodiversity of the land. 

Planting the right seeds

We will work as a team with the community, to plant the right seeds, generating better revenue for the local community. Permaculture protects the land and neighbouring soil. It is paramount that we do not damage the earth by employing aggressive farming methods or using GMO products which has caused irreversible harm to much of the international farming community, affecting the health livelihoods of many.


Build a creative centre / community hub

We are fundraising to build and equip a creative centre where eco-friendly traditional Bantu craftsmanship meets modern architecture and design. The centre will mainly focus on music education, dance, storytelling, art and crafts. This centre of excellence will empower the local community as well as hosting international artists for creative retreats and powerful collaborations.

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